Herbal Tea

The name probably gives you an idea of what this tea has to offer. Made purely from Chinese medicinal herbs, this tea has many health benefits. Amongst these the most notable are that it helps to fight colds, indigestion and infection.

It usually has a bitter or slightly sweet taste. The color depends on the type of herbs used in making the herbal tea. Even though its called a tea, it rarely includes any part of the tea plant.

In the Chinese language, herbal tea is called “cooling tea” due to the fact that herbal tea is consumed for the purpose of cooling down the body. The different kinds of herbal tea are purported to cure different kinds of diseases. Some herbal teas are used to cure the flu, some for sore throat and some are used for a multitude of ailments.

Herbal tea is popular in Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong as compared to the rest of China. In fact, it’s become such a craze in these regions that families open their own herbal tea shops to sell different kinds of herbal tea. Some of these shops have been open for over a century!