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At Tea-Trug, we believe that the enjoyment of premium green tea goes beyond just the leaves and the brew — it's also about the art of preparation and presentation. That's why we’re excited to introduce our range of tea accessories designed to enhance every aspect of your tea ritual.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning to take your first sips of a fine tea, you can find a select range of accessories that help you brew your leaves to precise perfection without facing long brew times and complicated setups. From storage canisters to the tools of the trade, explore our handpicked selection and serve a cup that reveals the nuanced tasting notes of your favourite premium black teas.

Buy tea accessories you can count on to become a tea master 

The first step to preparing a flavourful cup is the freshness of your tea. After your tea leaves have been cultivated, dried and, in some premium black teas, matured and fermented, it’s essential you store them in a dedicated canister that prevents oxidation from exposure to light and air. 

Preserve your favourite tea in our ceramic range, finished with votive designs that make it look at home on your countertop for easy access while adding a unique decor piece. With a tight seal, you can preserve the quality of your brew from the first cup to the 15th.

Whether you’re trying to blend premium green teas that preserve their tannins and flavonoids, explore a curated range that helps you serve the perfect cup that allows you to garner a bold flavour without leaning on the bitter side. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in our collection.

Shop the complete range at Tea-Trug — your new favourite tea shop in Australia

If you’re looking to buy tea accessories to elevate your everyday cup into a moment of pure relaxation, Tea-Trug offers a comprehensive range of accessories that will take care of every detail. With complimentary nationwide delivery on all orders over $20, we’re sure to become your favourite tea shop in Australia.
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