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At Tea Trug, we invite you to discover our exceptional collection of premium black tea. Each cup tells a tale of craftsmanship and provides a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate.

Explore the allure of our premium black tea selection that’s a testament to our commitment to providing you with the finest tea leaves. From the captivating leaves of Assam black tea to the meticulous blending that creates these tea treasures, we've curated a range that embodies the epitome of tea sophistication.

Premium Black

Black tea is a type of fermented tea, originating from green tea after it is mixed, kneaded, fermented, dried and otherwise processed. Tea made from green tea leaves is a fresh green while the one made using black tea is orange-red. But this difference is superficial.​

What is more important is that premium black tea does not undergo the processes of green steaming or green frying. Instead, it is fermented, during which time the tea leaves go through chemical reactions — tea phenol is reduced by over 90% and yellow and red elements are produced. If these two elements are in the right proportion, the colour of the premium black tea will be red and bright. 

Discover High-Quality Black Tea and More at Tea Trug

Dive into our premium black tea collection that includes high-quality Assam black tea and explore the world of bold flavours and robust aromatic profiles. Our assortment also extends to other tea varieties and a delightful range of floral teas. Need help finding the right flavour for you? Just contact us — we’re always happy to assist. 

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