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If you love tea, then Floral Tea is perfect for you! Enjoy the taste of our delicious blend for a few hours each day. Sip and let your worries slip away.

Enjoy an extra indulgence every day with a fragrant floral tea

Best enjoyed over a brooding book, long conversation with friends and family, or to warm your body on a brisk night, take your taste buds on a world tour with floral teas carefully sourced from around the world. With bold flavours that reveal their nuanced tasting notes from a long steep or a second or third pour, you can buy floral tea online that piques your taste buds with delicate botanical infusions.

Does the thought of bagged teas remain a distant memory (or nightmare), and you want to make tea time a dazzling experience meant to be slowly sipped? Our online tea shop offers an expansive collection that slowly releases its aromatics and flavour notes and adds brilliant colour to your cup or mug.

For an everyday luxury, sample a fragrant Rose Black Tea that peppers your palate with hints of chocolate, wine and rose that beautifully pairs with the black tea’s vegetal base and creates a vibrant steep with a flowering of rose petals. Or, if you like to create a spectacle, add five bulbs of our Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea to a cup filled with 80℃ water and watch it blossom into a little oasis, leaving a dainty taste of jasmine and honey.

Tea-Trug — your destination for Rose Black Tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearls and every blend in between

Whether you’re in the mood for a floral tea that leaves a fruity finish or want to breathe in its botanical scents to transport you to an orchard, our tea shop online will refill your cups and feelings of zen with an artisanal tea range. 

Shop online today to find floral tea packs in various sizes, enabling you to build a menu of options and help you control the strength of your brew. Add your favourites to your shopping cart and enjoy free nationwide delivery on all orders over $20.

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