Why Teatrug

The mysterious transition of merely a dust to a beautiful colored cup full of goodness drew us to think about tea. As we approached the subject and its deeper mysteries, new doors started opening before our eyes. We were exposed to the never-ending varieties of tea.

Have you ever thought that there was any variance in this mystical leaf other than the commonly known Black tea? Have you ever imagined seeing a whole tea leaf left in your cup after its brewing? Have you ever expected a cup of tea to be fully sweetened with no sugar? How about different scents and colors? Even the weather conditions and altitude can change the taste, tone, aroma and flavor of our tea. How many people are aware of such amazing certitudes?

White, Yellow, Green, Oolong, Pu-erh, Scented, Herbal, Blooming and Blended are just some of the hundreds of tea types available to us, yet most of us in this country are only familiar with our good old Black tea. These aspects of tea motivated us to explore tea in depth. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to have explored a tiny sand particle of the vast dune of the tea world.

The journey started with tasting our beloved country’s famous Black tea. Then we went beyond the boundaries and started tasting the teas of China, India and Sri Lanka. In the future, we endeavor to go even further and explore the finest varieties of teas the world has to offer.

We love every step we have taken and every step we are taking towards knowing and understanding tea. We believe there are tea lovers like us out there and we feel passionate enough about the subject matter to let them know and experience this journey of ours. We invite them to get onboard with us. Let’s explore more. Let’s find our inner self and be happy. After all, we would love to share the tea life with our fellow tea lovers. Here’s to Cha- in all its flavors and forms!