Collection: Sri Lanka

For more than a century, Sri Lanka has been producing Ceylon black tea, with its unique taste and signature aroma. Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea producers in the world and one of the world's leading tea exporters. Its reputation as an esteemed tea producer is built on the backs of its expansive plantations and the skilled hands that tend them. 

The country's black tea, characterised by its robust flavour and bright, coppery colour, is a favourite among connoisseurs and casual sippers alike. Each leaf of tea from Sri Lanka embodies the island's dedication to tea craft.

Within Sri Lanka's tea repertoire, orange pekoe represents a pinnacle of quality. Contrary to common belief, orange pekoe isn't a flavour but a classification of leaf size and quality. It is a symbol of the region’s commitment to excellence, offering a pure, aromatic brew that captivates the senses.

A glimpse into the ancient tea culture

The lineage of tea culture is long and storied, with ancient practices that celebrate the leaf's journey from soil to cup. 

In the context of Sri Lankan society, tea plays a practical role, providing livelihoods for thousands across the country and being a staple in the homes of locals. It also holds a ceremonial place at gatherings, serving as a sign of hospitality and a symbol of shared moments. The respect for tea mirrors the respect for the land and its people, reflecting a commitment to quality and tradition.

Through the Tea-Trug selection, we bring you teas that respect this historical importance, offering flavours that have been savoured for generations and continue to be cherished today.

Discover Tea-Trug's diverse collection

Savouring distinctive flavours of Sri Lankan tea is an enriching experience, but we also encourage you to explore Tea-Trug's extensive collection. Our shelves are lined with an impressive range of teas, from the robust depths of premium black teas to the refined profiles of our specialty selections. Every tea lover's palate is catered to, with options that span the spectrum from traditional classics to contemporary favourites.

Our commitment to quality and variety ensures that every cup you brew is a new chapter in your tea exploration. Shop now and let Tea-Trug’s collection take you on a journey through the finest teas from around the globe.

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