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With a cup of Indian black tea in hand, you are experiencing a piece of history. India is a diverse country with a wide variety of cultures from different parts of the country. India teas share some similarities with the teas of China and Japan, but can also be very different depending upon where it comes from. Renowned for its bold flavour and deep amber colour, Indian tea offers a direct connection to the fertile soils and seasoned traditions of India’s tea cultivation. Each sip provides insight into the varied climates and techniques that have been honed over generations to produce these beloved teas.

A spectrum of Indian teas

Tea-Trug's collection celebrates the rich variety of Indian teas, offering everything from robust black teas to the classic Earl Grey. Our selection is expansive, catering to those who appreciate the strong, full-bodied taste of traditional Indian black tea as well as those who prefer the refreshing twist of bergamot that characterises Earl Grey. Additionally, each tea in our selection is chosen for its ability to represent the multifaceted nature of Indian tea — bold, aromatic and diverse.

The ancient roots of tea culture

The culture of tea in India is steeped in a legacy that spans centuries, tracing back to ancient times when tea was not only a beverage but also a vital component of daily rituals and social gatherings. The art of tea cultivation and enjoyment is a thread woven into India's social fabric, carrying forward traditions that have aged with grace.

Tea-Trug's commitment to these deep-rooted practices is evident in our careful selection of teas. These traditions have been preserved and passed down through generations, not just for their methods but also for the community and connection they foster. Indian tea culture has been pivotal in shaping social norms, from the chai wallahs at the bustling street corners to the serene tea gardens where time seems to stand still.

Find your perfect cup with Tea-Trug

With a broad selection ranging from the spirited zest of premium green tea to the rich depths of premium black tea, Tea-Trug caters to all tea lovers. Our assortment includes everything from cherished traditional varieties to modern-day favourites.

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