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Loose leaf tea is a fantastic addition to your compost pile. In the wild, plants continuously recycle nutrients back into the soil beneath them, so any nutrients they use up eventually get replaced — a beautiful cycle. To add some nutrients to your vegetable patch or flower bed, sprinkle wet, steeped tea leaves over the soil and watch your plot perk up. That's right: your garden loves tea (almost) as much as you do.


Environmentally friendly steeping

Steeping loose leaf tea? Our reusable stainless steel tea infusers are an easy way to enjoy a waste-free cup again and again. If you prefer using a filter, our drawstring filter bags are biodegradable and chlorine-free.


Prefer a tea sachet?

Plant-based and biodegradable, ours is the tea industry's most environmentally responsible sachet to date. If you're into the individually wrapped sachets, you can rest easy knowing the overwrap is recyclable too.