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Mei Zhan

Mei Zhan

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A type of Oolong tea with big leaves, Mei Zhan has a distinct prune flavor that sets it apart from other varieties. It is sometimes called Da Ye Mei Zhan (big leaf Mei Zhan) because of its large leaves.

Mei Zhan oolong's dry leaves are dark green, indicating it is a light roast tea. This tea is grown on the summit of Mount Zhenghe in Fujian (China), and the dried leaves have a rich chocolaty aroma.

The long leaves of Mei Zhan Tea yield a strong flavor and an aroma that fills an entire room. The flavor of Mei Zhan is typically big and fruity, with a savory undertone.

Liquor from this tea is bright orange with a smooth and flowery aroma. Upon brewing, the drink releases intoxicating scents of lemongrass, lavender, and hemlock. It smells like an orchid, but it is savory and sweet at the same time. It has a rich, velvety mouthfeel and a flavor reminiscent of very luxurious confections. It has a roasted flavor that is sweet and lingering. A marvelous tea, rich and memorable!

Infused with notes of fresh plums and prunes, the infusion has a mildly sweet aroma that is surprisingly smooth with a long-lasting finish. It's almost like biting into pistachio doused in honey. The aftertaste experience is incredibly delightful, it's a very sweet flavor and satisfying experience that you don't often experience with other teas.

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